Puerh Red Tea


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Pu Erh Red tea is known in the West as “Red Tea”, but really the name “Pu Erh” is like “a denomination of origin” that identifies the tea that is produced specifically in the Chinese province of Yunnan and is a tea fermented that has its maturation process that can go from 2 years to more than 60 years.

Its flavor is earthy and slightly sweet . With a strong and intense smell, it is considered in traditional Chinese medicine as a “fat-eating” tea.

Excellent for losing weight and reducing cholesterol while enjoying a delicious cup of this excellent variety of Red Pu erh tea.



Dosage :   2 – 3 grams

Temperature :   90ยบ

Weather :   1 – 2 minutes, several infusions

Theine :   Four. Five

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