Green Tea Lung Ching Dragon Well Organic


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Organic Lung Ching Green Tea , also known as Dragon Well (the “Dragon Well Tea”), comes from the Zhejiang province of China.

It is a tea known for its long strands , a sign of great quality, which leaves us with a slightly toasted aroma, vegetable, algae, balanced, soft with great complexity and a slight astringency at the end, it also has a high content of antioxidants.

Dragon Well tea is an excellent tea to start in the world of green teas.

During the production process of Lung Ching Dragon well green tea , low-temperature woks are used to prevent oxidation, thus obtaining a light toasted touch that characterizes it.

Its history dates back to the Tang dynasty (around the year 618) near the city of Longjing.



Dosage :   2 – 3 grams

Temperature :   70ยบ

Weather :   2,5 minutes

Aroma :   Vegetal, floral, umami, suave, tostado, pescado hervido y dulce

Theine :   2 / 5

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