Asahi Japanese Gyokuro Sencha Green Tea


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Sencha Gyokuro tea is one of the most appreciated teas in Japan and its meaning is “dew drops”.

Japanese Gyokuro tea is the best and most expensive Japanese tea made from the young shoots of old tea bushes that are covered for 2-3 weeks to keep them out of the sun and thus have more chlorophyll and less tannin, acquiring a noble and powerful aroma with a soft and sweet touch.

Among its appreciated characteristics we highlight its Umami flavor, algae, grass, raw vegetables, boiled chard, citrus finish.



Dosage :   2 – 3 grams

Temperature :   75th

Weather :   1.5 minutes

Color :   Verde – Amarillo

Aroma :   Umami, algas, pasto, vegetales crudos, acelga hervida, final cĂ­trico

Theine :   2 / 5

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